B.B. Blunder - Worker's Playtime

First-ever legit reissue of this title. In the late 1960s, there was an adventurous psychedelic band called The Blossom Toes, who released a couple of albums that were good, but, from all reports, never captured their real greatness. Eventually they broke up and turned into B.B. Blunder.

"Often regarded as Blossom Toes 3rd LP, this is the most underrated album of the early '70s (1971). So, it was not really a surprise, that the first re-release of the album on vinyl (on Decal) in 1989 was credited to Blossom Toes '70. Brian Godding, Brian Belshaw and Kevin Westlake showed again their great talent to create songs beside the mainstream but always melodious and with clever lyrics. Great guitar work by Brian Godding and impressive vocals dominate the music. A lot of guest musicians supported the band, among others: Julie Driscoll, Mick Taylor. Released for the first time on CD, the album was digitally remastered and appears in a brilliant sound. It also comes with a comprehensive booklet including full band story, lyrics and photos never seen before, plus two bonus tracks."
  • LabelLong Hair
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