BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson - The Krotons (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"...there was a time when i would have had to have had this but to all intents and purposes it is an unpleasant listen of bizarre ambient noises and early synth sounds. for completists only I feel."-J.M. Edwards

"The term 'cybernetic music' had been coined shortly after World War 2 by Louis Barron, a pioneer in the early field of electronic sound generation and "musique-concrete", whose special focus was the parallel between natural and electronic behaviours ~ cybernetics! Together with his wife Bebe, he sought to isolate the specific tones which illicited raw emotional responses from a listener, and compose "soundscapes" using only these electronically generated and compiled sounds.
This principle, and the experimental processes, laid the basis for many of the ideas which followed in the world of musique-concrete. And by the 1960s, the BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP were the leading sound-studio in this very field ...
The KROTONS was scored (by Radiophonic stalwart Brian Hodgson) entirely with electronic effects, moods and atmospheres -- technically no music whatsoever. Yet the vast majority of these soundscapes, organised compositions which illicit emotional responses, amount to a highly tangible form of music within their first thirty seconds progress. Music in the most abstract of forms, as elegant and effective as a sculpture by Henry Moore.
There are several pulsing electronic atmospheres in KROTONS which are outstandingly gorgeous, beginning with the hypnotic ambience of the Kroton "Learning Hall". This is complemented by the much more complex oscillation of the "Kroton Theme", whose variations, from lugubrious drone to crystaline rasp and back again, occur in such an arhythmic canon of overlapping cycles that it is difficult not to succumb to the mesmeric effect of a single sound repeated in endless, varying permutations. If you do succumb, you'll be jolted out of the spell by "Entry into the Machine", whose white-hot tonalities broadcast an atmosphere of nightmarish claustrophobia. To snap you out of that trance in turn, there's a distinctive Radiophonic "Sting" and a stately musique-concrete mood entitled "Machine & City Theme."-Maximillian Gowland
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