BLK w/BEAR - The Final Mapping Of New Constellations: Last Harbour : remixes & reconstructions

Very nicely packaged in a hand-printed, letterpress, gatefold CD sleeve made of heavy-weight 'art construction' paper.

“Somewhere within The Final Mapping Of New Constellations is a sonic holy place where the traces of The Stars Look Down have been reassembled into a glorious whole.”-Echoes & Dust

“Teutonic, Eno-esque and psychedelic.”-Terrascope

"Mancunian alt-noir group Last Harbour approached BLK w/BEAR to contribute to their remix project ‘Escape was all I ever meant' that reconfigured the band’s 2012 album ‘Your heart, it carries the sound’. BLK w/BEAR were given the source files to the track ‘The Stars Look Down’ to deconstruct and remix however they saw fit.

Given that BLK w/BEAR never does anything in a small or minor way, the first reconstruction proved a springboard for the collective and they feverously traded files and ideas back-and-forth to create a full album’s worth of ‘new’ compositions. As such, this album morphed from being ‘by’ Last Harbour to being ‘by’ BLK w/BEAR, a truly reconstructed music.

‘The Final Mapping of New Constellations’ finds its touchstones and tonal mechanics in such disparate influences as onomatopoeia, Freemasonry, musica universalis, freak folk, clipped speech and audio saturation, Max Ernst, Parisian Swing, Kosmische Musik, and Alabama state automobile license plates."
  • LabelLittle Crackd Rabbit
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