B'Shnorkestra - Go To Orange

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A 14 piece big band, based out of Seattle and led by composer/trumpeter Samantha Boshnack that I had never heard of before, the B'Shnorkestra make an impressive debut here. Definitely jazz but also definitely not *only* jazz (i.e. the jazz police do NOT approve!). But I do. And so will you. Highly recommended.

"B’shnorkestra has a unique urban orchestral sound, and a propulsive, dynamic repertoire that is modern while drawing from many traditions. The musicians come from different backgrounds, bending and shading their many varied styles into large ensemble works that harbor deep grooves, intricately woven soundscapes, and punctuated explosive improvisations."

"B’shnorkestra chamber orchestra—14 players on strings, horns and drums—celebrates the release of their first album. Its eight sweeping tracks are equally reminiscent of Charles Mingus and Ennio Morricone, swinging spaghetti western gypsy junkyard jazz wrapped in Boshnack’s grand, sophisticated compositions."-City Arts Magazine

"Boshnack is in possession of an acerbic wit and an encyclopedic knowledge of all sorts of music from bargain-bin to top shelf."-The New York City Jazz Record

"Samantha Boshnack’s open voicings, jaunty tempos and buoyant timbral mixes have a friendly monster feel that achieves a bittersweet and elegiac mood of orchestral grandeur."-Downbeat
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