Bachman, Daniel - Axacan CD

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Mysterious, verring between found sound, field-recording lo-fi and panoramically wide and rich solo guitar works, this is a deep ‘modern day’ American primitive gutiar’ recording! Conditionally recommended!

“Daniel Bachman has never shied away from bold musical statements, those that follow his exacting vision for what can be seen as "guitar music". The bold and engrossing "Axacan" sees Bachman defiantly playing against type and creating one of the most introspective and deeply personal albums of instrumental music released in recent memory. A solo affair, "Axacan" weaves together Bachman's acoustic guitar and harmonium alongside raw field recordings from various locations, events and phenomena to create a conceptual collage that is both documentary and authorial. There is very little superficial “sound for sound’s sake” here. Each creak, clatter, or bang colors Bachman’s aural Polaroids with deep and personal significance. It is a similar approach to the one he used on 2018's "The Morning Star" but here sharpened and honed to a razor's edge. Give yourself over to "Axacan" and let it wow you in the moment and change you afterwards.”
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