Bacio Della Medusa - Discesa agl'Inferno d'un Giovane Amante (mini-lp sleeve)

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This is the second album by this Rock Progressivo Italiano outfit, originally released in 2008.

"The second album of this wonderful Italian progressive rock group holds yet stronger theme album architecture, and develops the elements from their debut album to more sophisticated directions. A fusion of European classical music, psychedelic heavy rock music of 60's/70's, traditional acoustic folk music and passionate singing in Italian tradition unite as outstanding recording. When comparing to their first album, most notably this album is directed for meditative listening session from its beginning to end in one stance, as like the previous record allowed some highlight cuts as separate listening based on the moods of the listener. Orientation towards the philosophies of classical music and arts have certainly been more emphasized here than earlier. The operatic mellow moments reach unbelievable celestial heights, and more sinister rock spheres are inhibited by analogue synths and authentic vintage bluesy rhythm rollers. The symphonic rock details are arranged with exceptional taste and proving the academic quality in musicianship. The music flowing without much song transition gaps forced me to sit through the album for several nights of listening, and though I have not listened much to symphonic music currently, the kiss of this medusa is certainly very addictive. From the sequences of this symphony, "Ricordi del supplizio" shimmering with hazy hippie guitar grooves and alluring flute lines is maybe my own favorite among the whole set. Really warmly recommended for anybody interested of thoughtful and catchy rock operas."-progarchives
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