Bad Brains - Old Waldorf, San Francisco ’82 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Pitched at the dawn of the American hardcore scene, Bad Brains hit all the fuses at 1000mph and owing to which, had already been banned from numerous clubs in their native Washington D.C. Their appearance at the Old Waldorf, San Francisco in 1982 presented a dub edge although Right Brigade, Destroy Babylon and Big Takeover would ultimately sew the familiar destructive passions of punk together in the set.
There was nothing out there to stop Bad Brains ripping up the rule book of a venomous youth or a white suburban CBGB. Recognition and respect of their unique brand of punk rock and hardcore vastly outweighs the countless debates of who exactly were hardcore's founding fathers. Moreover, the inspiration given to numerous bands that followed in their wake is surely owed to H.R. Dr. Know, Darryl Jenifer and Earl Hudson aka the fastest band on the planet.
This presents the entire broadcast of Bad Brains live at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco from 20th October 1982.
Professionally remastered original KFJC and KLAX FM broadcasts with background liners and rare archival photos.”
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