Baldan, Bebo - Vapor Frames 86/91 (expanded) vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

"A reissue of Bebo Baldan's Vapor Frames 86/91, originally released in 1991. The alchemist Bebo Baldan, accompanied by Steve James on violin and sarod (as well as on instruments of various geographical extractions) mixes, in a personal way, sounds from a bevy of different cultures -- from Mediterranean and Indian, to South American -- with synths, samples, and loops. The result is a boundless music that carries you, riding soft waves and bobbing between Balearic ambient, jazz, and electronic, on islands that have been quietly, yet carefully cultivated; peaceful, fascinating, and reflective -- places where time appears to dissolve. Vapor Frames 86/91 was originally released for Venetian Divergo -- a non-profit label, which after the Baldan album, also released The Wind Collector by Gigi Masin and Alessandro Monti a few months later (1991). This reissue includes two added bonus tracks from the same sessions, both at the end of each side. The result is a stunning auditory atmosphere that relaxes the spirit in the same vein as a reiki treatment."
  • LabelSoave
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