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Joachim Badenhorst bass clarinet, clarinet and tenor sax / Frantz Loriot viola / Pascal Niggenkemper double bass.

"It�s exactly as they present it: music �based on the listening to the other, the exploration of the unknown and the vertigo of the moment�. The classical contemporary format blends with the urgency of improvisation, and if it sounds melancholic at times, with lyrical and contemplative dark colors, it can also be intense and unquiet. There�s timbre exploration and beautiful melodies, abstract textures but also a driving force obviously coming from jazz. Mostly, there�s a kind of soundscaping only differentiated from ambient music because there�s an exquisite harmonic work that sucks you in. Europeans Joachim Badenhorst (Hans Bennink�s Trio, Tony Malaby�s Novela, Thomas Heberer�s Clarino), Frantz Loriot (Joelle L�andre, Barre Phillips, David S. Ware) and Pascal Niggenkemper (Tyshawn Sorey, Simon Nabatov, Frank Gratkowski) met in New York and started this trio project with the conviction that there�s much to do yet when combining written and spontaneous composition, and truth is you can�t distinguish when the score stops and improvisation begins � the frontier lines between the two processes mix in unexpected ways. This is complex music without being difficult. Any development seems so natural and so honest that all elements happen and flow with a strange simplicity. Call it probability, even if you never imagined something like this before."
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