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Dual keyboard classical Italian rock band with a fabulous, operatic singer, this is one of their classics from the early to mid 70's. For a band who are so vocally based, surprisingly, this is an instrumental record. It was recorded with an orchestra, and for my money it is not only one of their best, but it's the best pairing of progressive rock with an orchestra ever.

"In the late '70s, although the progressive rock scene was gradually losing strength and inspiration in favour of new musical movements, there still were releases as inspired as the great classics of the genre: it happened, for example, with Locanda delle Fate's "Forse le lucciole non si amano piĆ¹". With Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, however, it is slightly different, for they were among the few groups to survive more than a handful of years, and to have to deal with an avant-garde and unpredictable deacde as that of the Seventies.
In 1978, the Nocenzi brothers' band shortened their name to Banco and released a wonderful LP, which sees the participation of a the full symphonic orchestra (Unione Musicisti di Roma). The album is entirely instrumental - singer Francesco Di Giacomo's only contribution comes from one of his poems, whose verses constitute the seven tracks titles - and is an amazing blend of rock and classical music, the latter being a genre that Banco always loved and that spreads forth here among the vinyl grooves; there are also lots of references to jazz and fusion, and tension is tangible from the first to the last minute: it's almost impossible not to hear influences by Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra and... Goblin!
"... di terra" can be easily put aside Banco del Mutuo Soccorso's main masterpieces, and needs to be rediscovered as soon as possible. This vinyl reissue on VM record label allows to do so in the most appropriate manner, thanks to a faithful reproduction of the first LP edition, complete with illustrated inner envelope."
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