Baptista, Cyro - Bluefly

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"A veteran of groups led by Herbie Hancock, Yo-Yo Ma, Laurie Anderson, Paul Simon, Phish, Sting and many more, Cyro Baptista continues to bring life, love and madness to every ensemble he works with. His own bands Banquet of the Spirits and Beat the Donkey tour the world to great acclaim and his CDs continue to be Tzadik best-sellers. Cyro’s latest project is a pop-infused psychedelic trip featuring Cyro with a huge lineup of all-star musicians. Three years in the making, this is groovy lyrical instrumental and vocal music that you will listen to morning, noon and night. A classic!"
Cyro Baptista: Percussion, Vocals
Tim Keiper: Kamel Ngoni, Drum Set
Ira Coleman: Bass
Vincent Segal: Cello
Romero Lubambo: Guitar
Brian Marsella: Shahi Baaja, Andes #25F, Fender Rhodes
Ikue Mori: Laptop
Amir Ziv: Drums
Mark Ari: Samples
Justin Bias: Samples
Kevin Breit: Mandolin Orchestra
Cabello: Percussion
Felipe Calderon: Samples
Andy Caploe: Samples
Alessandro Ciari: Samples
Cadu Costa: Guitar, Clarinet
Chikako Iwahori: Surdo
Franca Landau: Samples
Zé Maurício: Surdo
Marcelo Paganini: Samples
Max Pollak: Surdo
Steve Sandberg: Samples
Leni Stern
Gene Torres: Samples
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