Barbieri, Gato - In Search of the Mystery (remastered)

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"In Search of the Mystery, Gato Barbieri's debut album as leader, was recorded March 15, 1967, on the heels of his work on Don Cherry's famed Blue Note recordings: Complete Communion and Symphony for Improvisers. This avant-jazz masterpiece from the Argentine tenor saxophonist shows off his volatile, shrieking sound to full and unrelenting affect, fueled by the twin interweaving strings of cellist Calo Scott and bassist Norris Jones (Sirone) and Bobby Kapp's impressionistic drum splatter. Recorded in one day, the session exemplifies the spirited energy of the times and remains distinctive and inspiring today. Manufactured in the US by the original label. Digitally re-mastered; new digipak format with original artwork."

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