Barclay James Harvest - Everyone Is Everybody Else 2 x CDs + 5.1 / hi-res DVD (expanded / remixed / remastered)

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2016 deluxe 3 disc set of this classic 1974 release by BJH, which includes (a) a new re-master of the original stereo mix, a new remix from the original multi-track tapes, revealing new details and sounds and (c) 5.1 and hi-res files.
Includes a illustrated booklet, many photos and seven bonus tracks!

"The sound they came up with is beautiful, timeless, and very powerful. Shorn of their orchestra, and having to rely on keyboard player Woolly Wolstenholme's amazing ability with the Mellotron and Mini-Moog to create the same effect, this album is an incredible example of necessity being the mother of invention. John Lees turns in the best wah-wah guitar solo you'll find anywhere on "For No One", whilst Les Holroyd's song writing never got any better than the songs he offered here. Above all, this is music designed to be listened to in the same way as classical music - it too good for background music. One for the true music lover."

"Digitally remastered and expanded three disc (two CDs + NTSC/Region 0 DVD) edition of the classic 1974 album by Barclay James Harvest. Originally released in June 1974, the album was the band's first for Polydor Records and followed on from four albums recorded for EMI's Harvest label.
The album has now come to be regarded as one of the band's finest, featuring such classic songs as 'Child of the Universe', 'Crazy City', 'For No One', 'The Great 1974 Mining Disaster', 'Negative Earth' and more. This edition includes two CDs and a DVD, and features a new re-master of the original album mix, along with stunning brand new stereo and 5. 1 surround mixes of the album (with the exception of 'For No One' - omitted due to the multi-track master tapes having long since vanished).
The set also includes new stereo and 5. 1 Surround sound mixes of a different version of 'Child of the Universe', recorded in February 1975 for an American single release. The DVD also includes 96 kHz / 24-bit stereo remixes. In addition there are five further bonus tracks comprising two early 1974 mixes of 'The Great 1974 Mining Disaster' and 'Negative Earth', along with two alternate single versions of 'Child of the Universe'.
This expanded deluxe edition also includes a lavishly illustrated booklet that fully restores the original album artwork, a new essay and also includes a reproduction poster."
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