Barker, Nicklas - El Ultimo fin de Semana (special)

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This is a totally surprise and a big thrill for Anekdoten fans who have been waiting a LONG time for a new release. This is a Spanish suspense film soundtrack by the guitarist/keyboardist/composer Nicklas Barker of Anekdoten, and while it has elements of that Anekdoten sound, what it *really* has is the sound of his side-project Morte Macabre, which I am sure many of you remember. For those of you who don't remember Morte Macabre, what this means is that this is a dark, mellotron-soaked horror movie soundtrack, with heavy influences from the 70s classics from Goblin and Fabio Frizzi. Joining Nicklas (who doesn't play guitar here, opting for mellotron, theremen, synths and bass) are Anekdoten/Morte Macabre drummer Peter Nordins, Martha Barker on cello and Karolina Bergstron on violin. Great, great atmospheric/dark/spooky stuff and big fun.

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