Barock Project - Vivo: Live In Concert 2 x CDs

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"Barock Project`s 5th album is called VIVO. It`s a live celebration of 10 years of composing and recording activity. VIVO is released as a digifile double CD, featuring the band`s 2015 full live Show setlist, recorded in 2015, PLUS one previously unreleased "studio" song, for a total of 120 minutes of music!

The FIRST CD features songs from their first 3 albums Misteriose Voci, Rebus and Coffee in Neukölln (2006/2009/2012), plus a very special encore: LOS ENDOS (the Genesis masterpiece).

The SECOND CD features 6 vibrant live versions from the successful release SKYLINE (2015) PLUS a special bonus STUDIO song, My Silent Sea" written and recorded in 2015 as a Skyline "imaginary follow-up"."
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