Base3 - Live From Earth

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Base 3 is:
Doug Hirlinger-traps
Tim Motzer-baritone guitar + electronics
Barry Meehan-bass + electronics

"74 minutes of absolutely essential BASE3. Transmissions of heat and spark, assembled from several astonishing BASE3 live performances in Philadelphia from 2009."

"Tracing an intriguing map made from waves of interstellar glissando, sepia-tinged hybrid blues licks, locked-down beats, and sparkling electronica-induced atmospheres, BASE3 maintain a tightly-controlled environment that’s often dense but never cluttered. Impeccably sequenced, it gracefully processes from the impressionistic squall of Ninth Ward, and the repetitive, jagged rockface of God Particle, through to The Unanswered Call. A 33 minute-long psyche-prog shadow play that combines fluid expression and instinctive judgement calls bordering on ESP, it’s the undoubted triumph of the album. Throughout the album, Motzer’s kaleidoscope excursions intrigue and entertain. However it’s here more than anywhere else on the album that his swaying, sustained guitar lines most ably communicate a lonesome, remote reverie with all of the exquisite eloquence of a tautly drawn haiku."-Sid Smith, Classic Rock Magazine (UK)

"This impressionistic and often psychedelic melange was adroitly assembled from live improvisations by Tim Motzer (baritone guitar, electronics), Doug Hirlinger (drums), and Barry Meehan (bass, electronics), who likely weren't tripping balls during the performances but might as well have been—and I mean that in a good way."-Guitar Player
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