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John Fahey possibly invented 'concert Americana finger-style guitar', but his friend and label-mate Robbie Basho may have taken it to its logoical conclusion with his amazing string of records from the 1960s and 70s. His music has elements of all the things that Fahey used, but he uses a lot of surprising elements and especially modes and ideas from other musical cultures; the first time I heard Robbie, the only thing I could think of that it reminded me of was Ethiopian piano music!
This was his sixth album, originally released on Blue Thumb in 1969 and his first not on Takoma.
Note: in addition to all the great guitaring, there are some vocal tracks. I sorta like Robbie's vocals, but lots of people don't, so I don't want to pretend like they aren't on this album and have customers feel 'duped'. Having said that, the majority of this album is instrumental.

"His voice is from another world. Robbie is special" - Pete Townshend, 2006

“Along with Fahey, and songwriter/composers such as Max Ochs, Leo Kottke, and others, Basho helped bring to the masses the distinct form of guitar finger-picking, which blended folk and country-blues with neo-classical composition techniques. Unlike his contemporaries, Basho went a step further by incorporating unorthodox open tunings on his 12-string guitar, as well as elements of Indian classical music, inspired by the sarod-playing of his mentor Ali Akbar Khan. Unfortunately Robbie Basho passed on in relative obscurity at the early age of 45 due to a fatal stroke, so he was never able to witness the extent of his influence. Nonetheless his legacy lives on in the works of American primitive guitar revivalists like James Blackshaw and Glenn Jones, as well as indie folk units like Currituck County or Six Organs of Admittance. All of Basho's signature stylistic elements are on full display on his 1969 album Venus In Cancer, which added onto his dextrous, steel-string finger-picking, additional cues from raga, flamenco, Appalachian folk, and even foresaw the arrival of new age music.”
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