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BassDrumBone - The Other Parade

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Mark Helias, double bass / Gerry Hemingway, drums / Ray Anderson, trombone.

"After thirty-four years, a good idea – another reconvening of three of the most intriguing and inspiring musicians of the creative jazz scene, namely Mark Helias, Gerry Hemingway and Ray Anderson – who have continuously developed into one of the best units in the planet devoted to imaginative combinations between the composed and the improvised. By now every public presentation and recording by BassDrumBone is something worthy of our full attention. Once again, there are many good reasons to dive into this fantastic musical world. With this new release of "The Other Parade", the double bassist, the drummer and the trombonist embrace the "Afro-American continuum" (to use Braxton's terminology), in their own unique and authentic way– with tracks such as "Blue Light Down the Line" and "King Louisian" which flow from the river of blues song and the deep root of Louisiana rhythms and melodies. Simply put, this is one of those CDs which make a jazz music language very much of the present, alive and invigorated. You can't miss it. If you do, you lose a fundamental piece of what is happening in the music of our time."

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