Bauer/Kowald/Sommer - Between Heaven And Earth

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Conrad Bauer: Trombone / Peter Kowald: Bass / Günter Sommer: Drums

For fifteen years, the trio Bauer-Kowald-Sommer toured, playing at numerous festivals in Europe and the USA, at the "Black Art Festival" in Atlanta Cityor at the "Vision Festival" in New York. In December 2001, the three made their way into the studio in Zurich and recorded a beautiful CD over two days. Powerful, earthy sounds, tonal games, group improvisations, grooves and drive: the great spectrum of three masters playing with the current forms of jazz. No one would have thought back in December 2001 in Zurich that this would be the last recording of trio with Peter Kowald. After the unexpected death of the bassist in September 2002, this recording has become a document to the memory of the bassist, as well as a declaration of friendship from Günter Sommer and Conrad Bauer. "For thirty years, this friendship to Peter Kowald enriched my life," writes the drummer Günter Sommer in the liner notes. "He did not only show me vast parts of the world, but through him I understood what keeps us moving, in the end,is the ability to do something with desire and love, to love something!"
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