Baum, Jamie - Bridges

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Jamie Baum – flutes
Amir ElSaffar – trumpet
Sam Sadigursky – alto sax, bass clarinet
Chris Komer – French horn
Brad Shepik – guitar
John Escreet – piano
Zack Lober – bass
Jeff Hirshfield – drums

"I found there to be very deep connections going back centuries, between certain types of Jewish music (my earliest musical influences) and Arabic, Middle Eastern and South Asian music. To make a long story short, researching these musical connections and composing music based on them became the focus of my project, Bridges, for my Guggenheim Fellowship. This music represents a "bridge", highlighting the similarities found in diverse religious music traditions that connect us, expressed in a modern jazz/improvisatory format played by musicians of those various backgrounds. Drawing on influences from Jewish, Muslim/Arabic and Hindu/South Asian music, these stellar musicians transform my compositions with an urgency and commitment into a unique, exciting tapestry, taking the listener (and themselves) into territory that feels both familiar and unknown."-Jamie Baum
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