Beardfish - Sleeping in Traffic: Part One

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For their third album, this very talented Swedish modern progressive band have signed to a big label and are getting a big promotional push that they certainly deserve. The band has definitely got a modern slant on their sound, but they aren't a slick neo band. They, like, say Frogg Cafe, are just taking those influences and, while not exactly pushing the stylistic envelope, are updating them and making them sound a little less passe. Good stuff.

"Inspired by 70's prog rock titans such as Gentle Giant, Sweden 's Beardfish are the latest in a long line of unique, cerebral progressive rock bands hailing from Scandinavia . Their latest effort, Sleeping In Traffic: Part One is a sophisticated, daunting effort that is chock-full of sterling, memorable progressive rock numbers. Although Beardfish's arrangements are complex, the album is easily digestible and should help this quartet garner a whole new fanbase..."
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