Beck, Gordon / Alan Holdsworth / Jeff Clyne / John Stevens - Conversation Piece – Part 1 & 2 (Japanese mini-lp sleeve)

This is one of three albums that Alan Holdsworth made with John Stevens in middle/late 1977. All three of these albums show a very different side to Alan - at least different from what he has presented on recordings, with a more 'jazz' and improvisational esthetic. Interestingly, these all fall chronologically between his stint with the Tony Williams Lifetime and his joining UK, although you'd never know that from listening here, which gives another indication of his great talents. These three albums have a bit of a (undeserved, in my opinion) bad reputation from Holdsworth fans and if all you want is "Road Games", I guess I see the point. But if you want to hear Alan and some top UK jazz players letting lose, these are very good listens. These Japanese mini-lp sleeve editions are the ONLY way these titles are in print world-wide.
Gordon Beck : keyboards
Allan Holdsworth : guitar
Jeff Clyne : bass
John Stevens : drums
Recorded and mixed on the 15th November, 1977 at BBC Maida Vale, London.
  • LabelBelle Antique
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