Beckett, Harry - Joy Unlimited CD

Harry Beckett: trumpet, flugelhorn
Ray Russell: guitar
Brian Miller: piano, electric piano, synthesizer
Darryl Runswick: bass, bass guitar
Nigel Morris: drums
Martin David: congas

This is the first-ever CD issue of Harry’s fourth solo album, from 1975 and it features a joyful electric jazz, with half of the original line-up (Brian Miller & Nigel Morris) and Ray Russell totally SMOKIN’ on lead.

“It’s been a real Joy to bring this long-lost classic back to life. There’s not much more can be said about Harry’s beautiful talent. He lifted the atmosphere wherever he played and was a gentleman, always softly spoken, but a presence in the room. I remember, as a callow youth, interviewing him for a sleeve note in the basement of Mole Jazz. He was thoughtful, listened to my questions and answered with a civility and intelligence they barely deserved. I’ve always thought Joy Unlimited one of his best albums. In fact, one of the best British jazz albums of the 70s, and one of the finest jazz rock albums full stop. It has never been reissued, and never released on CD or digitally, so this is an opportunity for the world to hear what a great player and composer Harry was. It will bring you joy-joy unlimited.
Harry died 22 July 2010, ten years ago. We’d like to celebrate his life and dedicate this release to one of the finest black British artists of his generation.”
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