Bedford, David / Tom Newman with Mike Oldfield - Variations On A Rhythm Of Mike Oldfield CDEP (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This CD, on the 'Voiceprint' label, features four previously unreleased recordings by a couple of notable figures from the 'prog rock'/avant garde music scene of the early 1970s - David Bedford and Tom Newman.
David Bedford was a man of many musical talents, composing music for the concert hall, as well as arranging for, and performing on, many esoteric albums by artists such as Roy Harper, the Edgar Broughton Band and, most notably, Kevin Ayers (in his band 'The Whole World') and Mike Oldfield.
As if this isn't enough, he has also worked on film scores and been a great champion of educational music for children and amateur musicians.
This CD features a recording of Bedford's 1973 piece 'Variations on a Rhythm by Mike Oldfield' and it is played here by 'The Electric Candle' who originally commissioned the work. It is based on a rhythm which features on Oldfield's multi million selling debut LP 'Tubular Bells', but is almost completely unrecognisable here, mainly because the instruments played are as follows: 36 bottles; 18 flowerpots; 9 cymbals; 3 snare drums; 3 timpani; 12 squeaky toys; piano; tubular bells.... and vacuum cleaner !!!
As you may guess from this, if you are expecting to hear some sort of tune or melody, you will be sorely disappointed as the listener is treated to about twelve-and-a-half minutes of tapping, tinkling and banging noises.
This is David Bedford at his most way out, teasingly playful. No doubt, if you were attending a live performance of the piece there would probably be some interest to catch your eye, as well as your ear, on the stage but, experiencing this as a recording only is a bit like listening to the party but not being invited to it. That said, I have to congratulate 'Voiceprint' on releasing this and making another of Mr Bedford's extraordinary catalogue of works available.
Tracks 2 ('Superman'), 3 (Day of the Percherons') and 4 ('Have Mercy on My Eyes) are by Tom Newman. Newman was the engineer at 'The Manor' recording studios, in Oxford, where acts such as Kevin Ayers and the 'Bonzo Dog Band' recorded albums, before it became home to Mike Oldfield and other artists, including 'Gong' and Steve Hillage, following the creation of the 'Virgin' record label in 1973.
Newman assisted Oldfield on the phenomenally successful 'Tubular Bells' and 'Hergest Ridge' and here Oldfield returns the compliment by playing guitar or piano on all three of the Newman tracks on this CD. The first two tracks are demos of pieces that featured on Newman's 1975 album 'Fine Old Tom' and the last is of the same vintage but has never previously been released. Neil Innes, musical maestro of the 'Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band', 'Monty Python' and 'The Rutles' plays on 'Superman' and 'Have Mercy on My Eyes'. Musically speaking, there is nothing particularly attention grabbing about these Newman tracks but again, as with the David Bedford, there is perhaps a greater value in the fact that these recordings are actually available, capturing, as they do, another brief moment in the careers of a few individuals who contributed, in their own different ways, something to British music (and in Innes' case comedy) during the 1970s.”-NR Averall
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