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Berliner Ring - Orbital

What the London orbital is to the English capital, the Berliner ring is to Berlin: a circular highway that surrounds the city. The first contemporary release from Art Yard amalgamates disparate elements: electro mechanical devices, invented instruments, modified keyboards, delays, customised rhythm and string machines: a half man, half machine driven trip into the Electro-Mechanical sub-underground, built around a combination of moods and themes drawn from the Berlin landscape. Berliner Ring work toward a brew of forms and techniques, creating geographical references and representations, ‘tonal landscapes’, an unfolding of ambient instrumental stereologues.
Berliner Ring is:
Moritz Wolpert:: percussion, tympani, painting, inventor of the Heckeshorn -a hybrid slide guitar, triggered polychord and rhythm machine.
Christian Günther: builder and designer of analogue synthesizers, rhythm boxes, theremins and painting machines.
Alexander Christou: samples, electronic grooves, songs, traditional and outside music styles, 12 string guitar. Thomas Stern: bass, osmotic dubbler, doctorate in distillery, orbiting Berliner Ring and great remixer.

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