Between - And The Waters Opened CD

First-ever reissue on CD from the master tapes of the second album by this improvisational/folk/world music, formed in 1970 by Peter Michael Hamel on keyboards, and also featuring guitar, oboe, guitar, percussion, electronics and bamboo flute. Definitely of its time, but also something ahead of its time in how it blended a lot of musics that had never been blended before in 1973! This includes just under 10' of never-before heard bonus material.

"'Originally we wanted to call the project B.A.C.H., Peter Michael Hamel re-calls, when, in 1970, they were looking for the most unusual name possible for a extremely unusual formation. Naturally we chose in it in part in allusion to the immortal baroque composer of that name, but above all the letters stood for Between All Chairs. Thats exactly how we thought of ourselves. But when we discovered that the idiom doesnt even exist in English, we dropped it. What was left was the word between, and the four original members of the group finally decided on that as the bands name. And even this slimmed version says a great deal about the way we saw this project, which was both originary and original: We always felt our music was something in-between, nothing comparable had existed previously, Hamel is still convinced. Above all, our sound existed between the categories of serious and popular music. You could never pin us down to a particular category. That still pleases me today!'"
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