Bibic, Bratko - Bratko Bibic and the Madleys: Cabinet of Wonders of Brutko Bim-bitch

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2013 release! We don't get new tunes by Bratko too often, so this is a good thing!

Bratko Bibic is a Slovenian accordianist who is best known for his great work with the fantastic avant-progressive/R.I.O. groups Begnagrad & Nimal and then later reached a bit more attention as one of the five accordionist in the Accordion Tribe (which also featured Lars Hollmer, Guy Klucevsek, Maria Kalaniemi and Otto Lechner.

"The album Cabinet of Wonders of Brutko Bim-bitch includes selected recordings of two concerts both differing in the concept, line up, the program and the settings.

Chronologically the first concert "Tapritrknjena - operetta di buffalo: a rehearsal for the radio, the story and the orchestra" was performed on 22 Dec 2010 within the cycle Defonija in the Gromka Club, the Metelkova City Ljubljana (Slovenija). The focus of the concert has been on the instrumental and vocal improvisations, interaction with recorded and simultaneous computer manipulations and sample modifications (looping, multitrack mixing). The entire flow of concert movements was organized in the three-fold thematic structure of Dante's Divine Comedy, but in reversed order (1. Heaven 2. Purgatory 3. Hell). One of the important aims of the concert has been to create silence in a club filled up with audience and full of potential noise. The aim has been fulfilled, but the agreed payment of musicians out of entrance fees has not been paid till today.

The second concert "Warning, still life! Still life for musical instruments, voices and the gun shot" was performed on 7 Dec 2011 in Ljubljana. It was focused on the performance of composed and orchestrated compositions, linked by mid-term improvised sequences and playing live in interaction with with playbacks.

The core of the instrumental-vocal band was in both cases The Bratko Bibic & The Madleys, first time as a quartet and the second time as a quintet. The guest musician at the first concert and the guest musicians at the second concert differ according to the different conceptual design of both concerts respectively, their willingness of cooperation and circumstances following the path to realize both."
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