Big Brother and The Holding Company - Ball and Chain 2 x CDs in hard bound book

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I dunno. I always thought Big Brother got a bum rap. Were they the best San Francisco band? No. Were they the best musicians of that scene? No. But they were fun and joyous and genuinely psychedelic and whoever it was that dragged Janis away from them by telling her that 'she could do better than them', obviously never heard the inferior albums that she made without them. Both recordings are very, very good, professional sounding live recordings for rock concerts of over 50 years.

"Big Brother & The Holding Company were leading lights on San Francisco's psychedelic scene in the late 60's, led by charismatic Janis Joplin. The twelve tracks on disc 1 are all previously unreleased, having only recently been discovered by surviving band members, and were recorded in January 1967 at The Matrix.
Those on disc 2 were recorded in July 1966 at California Hall and have previously only been available as poor quality bootlegs. Disc 2 also contains two enhanced videos filmed at the studios of KQED TV in April 1967, just weeks before the group's legendary Monterey Festival appearance, and is also previously-unreleased.
This release is housed in a hard back media book and includes notes from two of the original band members as well as additional detailed notes about the group and the actual recordings."
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