Biondini/Godard/Niggli - What Is There What Is Not

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Luciano Biondini: Accordion / Michel Godard: Tuba, Serpent, Bass / Lucas Niggli: Drums

"When Luciano Biondini, Michel Godard und Lucas Niggli play music together the borders between Early and New Music, between imaginary folk and jazz inspired improvisation blur. One can picture the virtual meeting point at the border triangle between Italy, France and Switzerland. That would be – and the image of the heights is not altogether out of place – on the peak of Mont Dolent, close to the Mont Blanc. But still this game fences off any territorial and stylistic definition. Alpine as well as Mediterranean, delicately woven yet permeated with strong melodies driven by frequently complex rhythms that are strong and sensitive at the same time, the three create great arches – across the times, the emotional states of mind, regions and continents. Learning by heart and inventing go hand in hand, they tie together to one common breathing, they interlink to music of great airiness, turning their gathering into a feast vibrating with delight."-Bert Noglik
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