Biota / Mnemonists - Musique Actuelle 1990

I was at this show! It was very, very disorienting, and the visuals gave me severe motion sickness! Not kidding. This was the only live performance they have undertaken since 1981!

"Biota was founded in 1979 in Fort Collins, Colorado, as the Mnemonist Orchestra. Over the years, the Mnemonist Orchestra developed into Biota (the musical contingent) and Mnemonists (the visual contingent). Both Biota and Mnemonists work as one on productions of musical and visual components. Heard on this CD is the first [live performance mode] adaption of their studio-based recording techniques since 1981, as presented at Montreal Musiques Actuelles -- New Music America 1990.
For their live performance they composed a set of material specifically for the concert and virtually relocated their studio to the stage to properly recreate it. Nine musicians playing only acoustic instruments (aside from electric guitar) were heard natural and unamplified from the stage while extensive electronic processing, heard through the speakers, rendered radical tonal, timbral and temporal modification creating an incredibly unique and strange sound world.
Added to this, the two-dimensional graphic work that Mnenomists have become so renowned for was transformed into stunning video projections -- beautiful examples of which are now included in the full color booklet accompanying this CD."
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