Bird Architects - Gone

Aaron Standon (saxophones and guitar) has been around and back again playing every thing from straight ahead to free jazz. Pete Evans is a classically trained violinist who can be seen performing with a number of orchestras around the south-west. Drummer Marco Anderson is the Groundhogs’ drummer and has also played and recorded with George Brooks, Steve Vai, Dennis Rollins, Andy Sheppard, Carl Orr and John Paricelli, and Buffalo Bassist Mark Turner puts a rock steady punch into the mix from rough trade to a bass looped orchestra. “Gone” is the group’s return, after many years, to the studio and they have enthusiastically embraced all the opportunities this offered. The music has developed around an idea that tries to balance freedom and structure providing written passages – tunes and riffs which lead into much freer areas, musical cues then take the ensemble on into the next passage.

“The ensemble playing contains all the rigor and complexity of jazz but manages to burst through the dogma imposed by some of the J word’s disciples... What follows is a flow of music which takes the ears out of the ordinary, to a place where you do not have to wonder why, merely accept the architecture as a new landscape”.-Steve Day

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