Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - The Iridium Controversy

Dubbed the worlds hardest rocking chamber quartet by the New York Times, Bostons Birdsongs of the Mesozoic creates innovative instrumental music that fuses rock, classical, minimalism, punk, garage/pop, and jazz. Two keyboardists (one on grand piano and one on synthesizer), guitar, saxophone and electronic/computer percussion produce a unique sound that fuses the youthful energy and anarchism of rock with the structure (and process) of classical music. The result is simultaneously abstract and accessible, music without vocals with broad popular appeal. Called everything from avant-progressive [Progression] to heavy metal Baroque [Honolulu Weekly] to avant-garage [B Side], Birdsongs hybrid sound may well be classical musics new alternative, a genetically modified hybrid that will breathe life and vigor into a musical genre that has grown rarified with age, increasingly irrelevant to modern audiences. This is the 11th album by Boston's Birdsongs. After over 20 years of great work, they may finally be reaching the larger audience they deserve; their show at Nearfest in 2001 introduced them to a new audience that took them to heart, including famed artist Roger Dean, who loved their performance, introduced himself to the band and laid the groundwork for his painting the beautiful painting used on the cover of this CD. As an additional bonus, this CD is a HDCD audiophile release.
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