Bisbaye - Synkronyk (artist released CD-R)

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Here's how you know that this is a great, great one; we don't carry CDRs unless they are REALLY special. This is REALLY special.
Great technical math-metal release from this instrumental Canadian outfit of dual guitars, dual drums and bass. Think: 50% Zevious, 25% Upsilon Acrux, 25% King Crimson. The stereo, obviously 100% live, ping-pong left / right attack of the two guitars / two drums will knock your soxx off.

"Featuring members of Fecking Bahamas favourites Golden Python, this obscure math metal act is an exercise in complex music. Bisbâyé‘s Synkronyk captures essence of math gloriously with both duelling guitars and duelling drums, blasting out odd-metered polyrhythms all over the place. One of the most challenging albums you will come across on this list."-Fecking Bahamas
  • LabelBisbaye
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