Bisio, Michael / Kirk Knuffke / Fred Lonberg-Holm - The Art Spirit CD

Michael Bisio – bass
Kirk Knuffke - cornet and soprano cornet
Fred Lonberg-Holm - cello/electronics

“This music is inspired by Robert Henri (June 24, 1865 - July 12, 1929) artist, teacher, writer and an organizer of the group known as The Eight, a loose association of artists who protested the restrictive exhibition practices of the powerful, conservative National Academy of Design.”

"Jazz is the music of pure emotion, and it's the vehicle by which Bisio, Knuffke and Lonberg-Holm sorted out their feelings about this tragedy. As improvisation artists of the highest order, they already treat every performance as a requiem of some sort but there's an extra impetus this time, and it shows up masterfully in these five group improvised performances." --S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

"... creative music that often sounds more indebted to hair-raising chamber music and Arnold Schoenberg than jazz improvisation." --Capitol Bop
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