Bitter Funeral Beer Band - Live in Frankfurt

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Drummer Bengt Berger put together this amazing, sadly short-lived ensemble for a couple of years in the 80s. Bengt had previously played in Sweden's legendary Archemedes Badkar and this took the world music and jazz influences that the band had been heading towards with their fantastic 'Tre" release and made it even better. This includes many of the musicians that were in Badkar as well as others, including legendary trumpeter Don Cherry, all of whom play absolutely great. The only bad thing about this release is that I've had this tape for decades and I wanted to release it on Cuneiform, but when I told Bengt about its existence, he ended up doing it on his own label. At least it's out and available and I got sent a copy! A MUST own. Top 10 of the year for me. Easy. Maybe THE top archival release of 2007.

The band :
Bengt Berger, Ko-Gyil (Lo-Birifor funeral xylophone), Atsimevu (Ewe master drum);
Anita Livstrand, Ko-Gyil, voice, percussion;
Liselotte Norelius, percussion;
Thomas Mera Gartz,percussion, tenor sax;
Sigge Krantz, acoustic and electric bass, guitar, percussion;
Thomas Huhn, electric bass, percussion
Matthias Helldén, cello, percussion;
Tord Bengtsson, violin, guitar, percussion;
Thomas Gustafsson, soprano sax, tenor sax, percussion;
Björn Hellström, bass clarinet, flute, percussion;
Ulf Wallander, soprano sax, tenor sax, percussion;
Jörgen Adolfsson, soprano sax, alto sax, percussion;
Tommy Adolfsson, trumpet, percussion;
Kalle Ericsson, trumpet, percussion

"One of my favorite records of all times is Bengt Berger's Bitter Funeral Beer with Don Cherry, released on ECM in 1981....the music is intense, sad, full of African rhythms, with repetitive elements à la Terry Riley, but free jazz as well. An absolute feast for the ear. Great that this is now available."

Check out this amazing video clip of the music from 2 years after this release (no Don Cherry, but the same incredible music)

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