Bittova, Iva - Iva Bittova

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Iva's debut solo work on ECM doesn't really break any new ground, it merely cements what she does so well - weirdly beautiful (or beautifully weird!), often sparse, sometimes overflowing works, for her extraordinary voice and violin work all rooted in, but not actually Bohemian/Eastern European folk music. Fans will be thrilled. Great sound too (of course!).

"Czech singer/player/composer Iva Bittová has said: “The violin is a mirror reflecting my dreams and imagination. I believe there are fundamentals to my performance, such as the music’s vibration and resonance between violin and my voice.” That relationship is beautifully explored on this album – recorded at Auditorio Radiotelevisione svizzera, Lugano, and produced by Manfred Eicher– which expresses the essence of Bittova’s unique and extraordinary solo work. The pieces here, modestly-titled ‘Fragments I-XII’ resist definition. An idiosyncratic ‘folk’ music, contemporary composition, improvisation, any and all of these may apply from moment to moment. Bittová’s music is a living, changing thing: “Deciding on a name for my style of music is far from over yet”. "
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