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Bittova, Iva - Zvon

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"Iva Bittova newest release with the Prague Philharmonia is a sweeping and sonically ample project featuring older and newer compositions from Bittova's repertoire arranged for symphony orchestra. These include pieces created in tandem with Pavel Fajt (Periny/Feather Duvets), Vladimír Vaclavek (Zvon/The Bell, Uspavanka/Lullaby, Sirka v louzi/A Match in a Puddle, Zeleny vínecek/Green Wreath), with the bands Dunaj (V cernem/In Black) and Cikori (Zapiskej/Whistle), works within her solo projects (Paraskeva, Elida), as well as a new piece (Vetvicka/Twig)."

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