Bjornstad, Ketil - Remembrance

SKU 28-ECM 2149
Ketil Bjørnstad piano
Tore Brunborg tenor saxophone
Jon Christensen drums

Lyrical and typically beautiful ECM release. If you like 'the sound', this has it in spades!

"Ketil Bjørnstad and Jon Christensen have been musical associates for almost 40 years. Christensen played on Bjørnstad’s very first recordings in the early 1970s, and when Ketil came to ECM for “Water Stories” in 1993 the drummer was once again on board, staying to become a charter member of the pianist’s Sea Quartet through the 1990s. This long alliance gives plenty of ‘remembrances’ to draw upon, and Bjørnstad’s compositions provide contexts and climates in which memories can be newly experienced. The project is also forward-looking: the old friends are joined by saxophonist Tore Brunborg, in his third ECM showing this season (following sessions with Tord Gustavsen and Manu Katché) for some joyful playing. Ketil’s chord patterns provide a centre from which Tore and Jon can launch their explorations..."
  • LabelECM
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