Black Bonzo - Lady of the Light

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"From the ashes of Swedish hard rockers The Gypsy Sons of Magic, Black Bonzo rose again as an art prog band by adding depth to their sound through the use of mellotron, piano and Hammond organ. The intense drumming, the intricate guitar work, the firm but steady bass lines, the complex song structures, the overall pomp and their vocalist (who sounds like David Byron resurrected) all spell Uriah Heep, big time....A great album in its own right that will grab your attention from start to finish. Powerful stuff and excellent production. Certainly recommended if you're into high-octane art rock, and particularly to fans of Uriah Heep."-Lise Hibou/

"Outrageous debut from this Swedish retro/prog/hard rock band now signed to The Laser's Edge. This was the disc that started their backwards musical journey. Setting their time coordinates for 1973, Black Bonzo produced an exact replication of Uriah Heep's sound. You get bombastic keyboard flurries, hammering outbursts of guitar and great, poignant vocals. This sounds so much like the mighty Heep that you might even think it's a send up - but it's not! These guys eat, breathe and sleep that early 70s vibe. While their latest, Sound Of The Apocalypse, has a decidedly more progressive edge, this one is pure British hard rock with gobs and gobs of Mellotron. Heavy and fun at the same time. Essential listening experience. Highest recommendation."-Ken Golden
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This is an amazing debut and far superior to their second album. Sounds like a lost gem from the 70s. Lots of the classic Uriah Heep sound there with memorable melodies, lush mellotron, jammin' Hammond and Moog and searing guitar. Truly, every single track is a winner and to me this is a desert island disc. Nice vocals and interesting lyrics cap it all off. One track is a dead-ringer for Queen!
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