Blackwater Park - Dirt Box CD

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Originally released on BASF in 1972.
"It surprises me, that in this day and age of reissues and olde tyme worshipping neopsych and stoner bands, that this little gem has gone largely unnoticed in favour of stuff like Leaf Hound, Captain Beyond or Lucifer's Friend. Not that those bands aren't great too, but I wish there was a little more love for these guys, cos they were really ahead of their time with their groovy stoner sound. Just as the best stoner rock sounds like it could have been made in the 70's, sometimes the best psych rock sounds like it could have been made today. Beef up the production on "Roundabout" and you could fool someone into thinking it was recorded yesterday. Such are the fabulous heavy grooves this band produces. Much is made of blogger's favourite "Rock Song", a long, freaky psych jam, filled with lurching solos and grinding vocals, and it's a great tune, but "Roundabout" takes the prize. "Indian Summer" is pleasant and enjoyable, "One's Life" brings to mind the Groundhogs and their comical, terse delivery at times. "Dirty Face" is also a highlight muddy and raucous. It's a shame that if anyone had heard of this album, it may be due to Opeth using the band name as an album title, cos any fan of heavy psych or stoner rock needs to hear this. Really and truly a lost classic."-rateyourmusic
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