Blast - Altrastrata CD

For their fifth album, the long-lived Dutch avant rock band, founded in 1989 change gears a little bit. Their usual dense, intense compositional work is still there and on display, but due to the addition of drummer Fabrizio Spera (best known as a member of Ossatura), there is definitely a greater emphasis on improvisation, which should strongly appeal to those heavily into the downtown scene, the Tzadik label and the new brigade of appreciators of improvised music in this post Sonic Youth world. Also appearing are founding members composer/guitarist Frank Crijns, composer/saxist Dirk Bruinsma as well as composer/bassist Paed Conca. "Altrastrata is a vibrant combination of influences from 20th century classical, the Rock in Opposition bands of the 1970's and a voiolent approach to free and composed avant music." [ReR]
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