Blezqi Zatsaz - The Tide Turns

In 1991, Brazilian keyboardist Fabio Ribiero released the first Blezqi Zatsaz album The Rise And Fall Of Passional Sanity" and then more or less disappeared. He resurfaced a few years ago as the keyboardist with Shaman, the offshoot band from Angra. Finally we get the new Blezqi Zatsaz album and it's a masterpiece of instrumental symphonic prog. Ribiero is helped by an assortment of musicians from the Brazilian prog and metal community - most notably Kiko Loureiro, the incredible guitarist from Angra as well as Eduardo Ardanuy, the drummer for Dr. Sin. Ribiero is a powerhouse - think Wakeman/Rudess/Vangelis all rolled into one. The music is straight on symphonic rock with dazzling synth and guitar solos. Ribiero takes old school prog and turns it on it's head! The last thing that needs to be mentioned is the packaging...this is housed in a deluxe DVD sized digipak with a full color 18 page booklet. Haven't heard too much great symphonic prog's one. Highest recommendation."-Ken Golden [Lucrecia]
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