Blituri - Blituri

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Pretty stupendously amazing debut album, by a sextet (who sound bigger!) led by guitarist & composer Vincent Lachambre and which features
Paul Carter: clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe
Zakari Frantz: alto and soprano saxophone
Vincent Lachambre: guitars, bass, synthesizers
Evelyne Ridyard: vibraphone
Lyne Santamaria: horn
Louis-Michel Tougas: drums, percussion

This is complex, rehearsal-intensive, RIO-style music of great interest to many folks here! Highly recommended!

"Blituri is a progressive instrumental music group founded in 2013 by Vincent Lachambre and based in Montreal, Quebec. Dedicated to the creation of a unique musical style, the ensemble offers original compositions combining harmonic sophistication, rhythmic density and caustic intensity."

"Lachambre’s eight compositions are at once brilliant and sophisticated, inspired by contemporary classical music but infused with the power of rock, free of any standard rock influences. It would be too easy to compare Blituri to Univers Zero, Miriodor, Simon Steensland, Far Corner, or any number of others operating in the chamber rock realm, but that would be both inaccurate and a disservice, as Blituri have created their own world, unique and unlike any other in the genre, although it’s safe to say that listeners who enjoy those other named artists will find plenty to enjoy herein. And one shouldn’t be too surprised if Blituri shows up on the bill of one of the international RIO festivals at some point sharing the stage with those same artists. In summary, this is one powerful opening salvo that must be heard to be fully appreciated."

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