Blops - Locomotora CD (expanded)

“Originally released in 1974, Locomotora is a remarkable example of music that really escapes any typecasting rigid in some style. In it you find from a very particular progressive rock, through jazz rock, a very avant-garde folklore, certain elements of classical music, experimental parts, and even a certain groove with a compressed funky taste.
There are highs and lows in intensity, with parts of a lot of experimentation and improvisation, where all the instrumentalists demonstrate their technical quality and great sensitivity. This special release includes two singles as bonus tracks that were released later in 1978, "Los Momentos" and "La Francisca".
For those who call themselves lovers of progressive rock or the avant-garde, this is a jewel that cannot be missed.”
  • LabelMusica & Entretenimiento
  • UPC737934998072
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