Blue Cranes - Homing Patterns

I was turned onto this unique jazz and etcetera quartet by John Hollenbeck who I think heard them when they opened for the Claudia Quintet! The music is definitely comparable to Claudia, which means many of you would probably be interested in what they're doing here. This is their second album and it is another excellent undefinable-yet-somehow-definitely-jazz work, with two saxes, piano/keyboards, double bass and drums plus guest guitarwork. Recommended - I don't think you'll be dissapointed! "The Portland quintet understands jazz is alive and well—but also that it was never something to be defined in the first place. The Cranes treat music as the broad, blank canvas it is, splattering it with color, bizarre time splits, soothing melodies and frightening bursts of brass while forging an original soundscape that would make a by-the-books beatnik jazzhead's beret spin."-Willamete Week
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