Blumen des Exotischen Eises - Karawane der Mystiks

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"Blumen des Exotisches Eises was one of the so many musical recordings of Alfred Otterstaetter who released homemade tapes since the ‘70’s. This album was previously released as a 100 copies edition only. He worked various years on this recording, alone and with friends. It listens like a fictive story and soundtrack and, when looking at the titles, this could be about a bunch of (hippie) mystics travelling from Goa, over to Calcutta , the Himalaya to the beyond. When one follows the music like a story there are weird, hypnotic, and funny parts. It is really rewarding, once you get over the overall weirdness. Perhaps when weirdness is no problem for you this might be even exactly what you want. The attractive more experimental music bonus tracks make it even more interesting. I’m sure the album should also appeal to the Nurse With Wound list fans. The recording starts as a very distorted fucked up recording with its own charm because it tends to go over the top with sounds, into its experimental loose freaked-out mode, with a sound at first between Siloah and early Amon Düül but much more experimental, freaked out and fucked up, at times like a psychedelic punk jam, perhaps as the real missing link between punk garage and psychedelic music, very hypnotic. -I heard before how Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft started with a sound of a freaky krautrock mix of confusion and inspiration, and later evolved to rhythmic wave pop when they changed their name into DAF, showing their own link between very different genres-. In the eighties Germany showed several more such missing interesting links on the crossroad of genres, like with Einstürzende Neubauten and perhaps styllistically like Virgin Prunes. I mean that especially in Germany (and a bit in UK) also the eighties showed various interesting evolutions. Blumen Des Exotisches Eises had the experience of old Krautrock, but also was part of this new evolution of more industrial and darker and more experimental sounds experimentations. Just remember how the most inventive band, Hirsche nicht Aus Sofa, with equally strange titles, delivered one of the highlights of this new area. But Blumen des Exotisches Eises equally deserves its own place here, and they are more deeply rooted in the psychedelic jam. Many other tracks mix Indian-exotic sounds (like I heard on early Deuter, Kalachakra, .. but here it is done with a more Red Crayola attitude, or like an over-the top mystic-psych like (the American) Cromagnon, or more loosely experimental with psych roots like (the French) Red Noise). The Indian exotic droning jams are almost like abuses of the territory. Then, when a rhythm box comes in, this is done with so much multi-layered a-rhythmic off-beats this becomes a bit humoristic, because it still has effect, but is on the edge of cacophony too. Just follow along the path of the mystic inside the music, not taking the forms too seriously, because his path that surrounds him is loose and weird and that does not matter because the hypnotic effect will take him into his own structure and story and goal. The experimenting combinations can be as often attractive as absolutely weird. I also love the more harmony driven bonus tracks which give the album a fine closer with a good feeling there has been an experience."
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