Bole, Andy - Ramshackle Pier (Mega Blowout Sale)

“"Instrumental Album Of The Year: 1984” – Folk Roots

“Wow. This is probably the greatest album from the 80's I've ever heard, and who knew such an unbelievably amazing folk album was even made in the 80's? Apparently not many...which is such a shame. For fans of folk guitar this album is a must.”-rate yourmusic

In the early 1980s, Andy was a member of The Lowest Note, who released singles on Woof (Tim Hodgkinson’s label) and was part of the London underground scene tied into the extended family of This Heat / The Work / Cold Storage studios.
This is a post John Fahey style guitar album with avant garde leanings. Somewhere between Fahey, Basho and Janet Feder. If you love this style of music, of which there are many adherents nowadays (who would have ever guessed that? Not me!), but of which there were not very many in 1984 when this was recorded! A great listen!
Since that time, he’s has at concerts in Europe and America with members of Fairport Convention, Jay Sean, Gong, Damo Suzuki, Blowzabella, Daevid Allen, The Electric Light Orchestra, Acid Mothers Temple, Dave Stewart and has studied the Hansa Veena with renowned Indian classical musician Barun Kumar Pal. So, he’s remained very active, but this is where it started in terms of his solo work.

“Andy Bole, known to our very old adherents through the remarkable Bole Drawings, was and is a very fine guitarist in (loosely) the British style (Jansch, Graham, Renbourne), with oriental shadings. This is a fine collection of his own (mostly) acoustic pieces, joined on 3 tracks by Bill Gilonis (electric guitar, bass, piano, percussion) and on one by Catherine Jauniaux (voice), the guitars are both single and multitracked.
The title track launches into arranged complexity, dissonance and epic structure. And the tracks past this central point grow more sonically strange and atmospheric.
On its release (1984) the LP was voted album of the year by the specialist acoustic magazine Folk Roots, and Andy went on to make many more, and to play internationally with the named and famous). A solidly musical, diverse, imaginative and excellently recorded piece of work. Highly recommended.”-Chris Cutler
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