Bone - Uses Wrist Grab

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This is the first album by guitarist Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve), bassist Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine) and drummer John Roulat (Forever Einstein). Inspired by the energy and iconoclasm of heavy metal, evoking the fervor of guitar gods past, Bones' music is cathartic, blistering, and smart. Wailing, distorted guitars and driving rhythms delineate compositions that are brilliantly constructed, compelling and concise. Upon close inspection, this seemingly traditional guitar-bass-drums lineup is revealed to be anything but. In addition to the traditional rock instrumentation of guitar/bass/drums, some tunes on the CD feature electronics such as synth and tape loops, played by Hopper, and digitally based computer software instruments played by Didkovsky. The music ranges from take-no-prisoners-and-give-no-apologies intensity to deep floating psychedelia. Intense, precise, surreal: Bone is a power trio that defies expectations!
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