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Borbetomagus - Trente Belle Années

SKU Agaric 1998
This was the final performance of the 2009 European tour, celebrating 30 years of Borbetomagus.

“You know that bit at the end of the Monterey concert where Hendrix sets his guitar on fire? That’s what we do. For a whole hour.”-Donald Miller.

"What is there to say about Borbetomagus, apart from trotting out all those tired old lines about high-octane, earwax-melting balls-on-the-line free improvisation at cow-rending volume? terms of in-the-moment exploration, exchange and development of musical raw material, I’d put this album on the same top shelf as Ascension and Topography of The Lungs. But while both free jazz and free improvisation (this is neither the time nor place to look for the line in the sand between them) seem to have retreated into comfortable middle age (the former into cosy neo-bop orthodoxy, the latter into ascetic micro-mannerism), Jim, Don and Donald are still going strong, their high volume and high energy appealing to younger generations weaned on Metal, Industrial and Noise. “Changing Lives Since 1979”, it says on my Borbetomagus T-shirt. Damn right. They’ve certainly changed mine, and this magnificent recording of a historic gig will change yours too."-Dan Warburton
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