Brötzmann, Peter / Juhani Aaltonen / Peter Kowald / Edward Vesala - Hot Lotta CD (expanded)

SKU Svart SRE 253 CD
Peter Brotzmann-saxes
Juhani Aaltonen-tenor sax
Peter Kowald-bass
Edward Vesala-drums

“This official and Brötzmann-approved reissue also marks the world premier of another, completely previously released session from the same group!"

What happens when two of the legendary founders of European free improvisation/the FMP school meet two greats of the Finnish jazz and free music scene? Hot Lotta!
This free-jazz/free music obscurity originally released in 1973 and has been a tough find for decades and decades.

"The A-side is a bad motherfucker. Really intense playing, Vesala and Aaltonen play in a slightly more typical post-boppish style than most of Brötzmann's teammates but the mad pace of doesn't suffer at all. The second track is an insane three minute noise orgy that really sounds as psychedelic as the title would make one expect. The B-side is not quite as thrilling, although both of the leaders' solos are fabulous..."
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